Interview with Dr. Rebecca Campbell, from Integrated Physical Therapy

May 1, 2021

By Jane Chevalier

Tell me about Integrated Physical Therapy.

We are a woman-owned and run physical therapy clinic specializing in all things pelvic health (for both women and men), TMJ, and general orthopedics. We are also an all-doctorate practice with many specialty trainings under our belts, including Functional Dry Needling, courses for urinary and bowel health, and even therapeutic Pilates, to name a few.

We take a truly “Integrated” approach (see what I did there?) by looking at the person as a whole, not just the body part in question. This reinforces healing which understands that the body’s systems (muscles, nerves, digestive, immune, etc.) are not only all connected, but that the body and mind are inextricably tied as well.

How long have you been in this field and what’s your background?

Our clinic has combined experience of over 40+ years, with much of that coming from our owner– Dr. Lori Buxton– who was a pioneer in bringing pelvic health to not only Littleton but Colorado at large. She continues to be an incredible mentor for the next generation of therapists such as myself and my colleague, Dr. Cynthia Huang.

Prior to this I personally worked in developmental rehab for kiddos with cerebral palsy and other neuro-diverse presentations, but ultimately knew I was more interested in working with the parents—especially the mothers. On the other end of the spectrum, Cynthia came from an engineering background, and together I think the 3 of us offer unique but complementary approaches that ultimately produce an evidence-based, holistic practice where you feel like you’ve known your therapist for years (and sometimes you have!).

What inspired you to create this business, and what makes you different from other ones in your field?

Integrated Physical Therapy has been lucky enough to be part of the pelvic health and south Denver community since 2001, and was originally opened because there was little to no rehab specializing in pelvic floor and TMJ in the area at the time. What began as an attempt to meet our community’s needs has turned into a lively clinic full of patients who seek our care knowing we honor not only what the science says, but also their experiences and what will work best for them individually.

Because we are a private practice, we have more flexibility around how our time is spent, and each of the 3 therapists who work here have sub-specialties at which we excel, such as prenatal/postpartum, male pelvic health, etc. We never use aides or techs—our treatments are always one on one to make sure you get the most out of your visit time. We are also highly collaborative in that we send visit notes and your care plan to whomever else on your birth or reproductive health team you’d like to be included in the process. As an interdisciplinary bonus, we offer massage therapy in-house to ensure you get enough hands-on treatment to expedite your recovery and promote overall well-being.

How does your business help new parents? 

Specializing in prenatal and postpartum therapies allows us to collaborate with new parents in their greatest time of transition. This is such an exciting time of life but can also be overwhelming for both mind and body. I love being a resource for what is healthy and “normal” vs. what warrants treatment, as we are often not told what to expect physically—especially after baby is born. Sometimes this means re-training a woman’s bladder to eliminate urinary urgency and frequency, helping dad learn baby-carrying and lifting strategies to reduce neck or back pain, pelvic floor rehab to curb urinary leaking, or hands-on treatment for hip pain while the body is learning how to grow into its postpartum changes.

Additionally, I work with so many women who have been told, whether by a friend, family member, or even a healthcare provider, that “these things just happen” after having a baby/reaching a certain age/etc. I am grateful to be in a career that allows me to disrupt that harmful narrative and get new parents the support they need and deserve.

To learn more about Dr. Becca, or to schedule an appointment, please visit here.

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