About Me & Mommy Index

Hi Mamas, welcome! My name is Jane and I am the creator of Mommy Index. I have one son, Graham (8 months old) and I am a Colorado Native. My background includes Wellness, Medicaid, Non-Profits and Healthcare Management. I have my MS in Healthcare Management from the University of Denver. Having Graham radically changed everything – including my desire to stay at home with him while still finding a way to share my skills & education. 

My birth experience transformed my mindset on the healthcare tools necessary to becoming a mom. Originally hoping to have a more “holistic” birth experience, it quickly became a more “medical” one, but opened my mind for the better by teaching me how important it is to remain flexible. My birth experience also reminded me to be thankful for modern day healthcare.   

Mommy Index was born because I want to pass on all of the knowledge that was given to me – every business I recommend is one I’ve personally tried myself and have had a positive experience with. By combining my desire to help others, my love of research and the relationships I’ve built throughout my local community, I strive to do my best in guiding mamas towards the right resource based on their needs.

We feature our favorite & credible local businesses (AKA Colorado mom approved) throughout the Denver Metro area that focus on helping pregnant and postpartum moms through reviews on The List & interviews on The Blog. Besides vetted businesses, free community resources that are invaluable are included here, too.

We love sharing personal tips that have helped us in our pregnant and postpartum journeys as well as researched based topics on The Blog.  

Stay tuned! We will be organically releasing local businesses…please be patient as this takes time. Is there a business you love and want to nominate to be featured? Contact me at mommyindex@gmail.com.

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