My Favorite Businesses

We have curated a list of our “Colorado Mom Approved” favorite businesses that we have personally tried and recommend! Please check out our reviews of each business below.

Doula – Love in Motion Doula Services
  • Why I’m in love: Liz is a very experienced Birth Doula who has seen it all-she is the birth experience expert. She is grounded, calm, versatile and intelligent. Her education comes through in her skillset and ability to answer almost any question. It’s clear that she takes her role very seriously and is a solid support role for any expecting mom or partner. She makes herself available for countless phone calls, texts and emails throughout your entire pregnancy. Her personality makes you feel safe, cared for, and that you already are an amazing mama (even if it’s your first). 
    • Bonus Points: Not only does she provide education, support, and countless resources for pregnancy, birth and babies, but she provides advocacy. It’s hard navigating through all the ins and outs of birth, especially when your “plan” goes out the window, but Liz makes its simple. My husband and I loved that she was a great guide for him, too throughout the entire experience. Finally, she is a lifelong resource – she is just a phone call away throughout your postpartum experience and even years down the road post birth. To learn more about Liz, or to connect with her, visit here.
    • Promo Code: Liz offers a 5% discount to Mommy Index mama’s, use the code “DOULA5” when booking Liz as your Doula.
Estate Planner – Law Mother

  • Why I’m in love: Pam, the owner of Law Mother is responsive, professional and friendly. She makes sure her clients thoroughly understand what can be a very complicated process by presenting information in a simple & relatable way. Something my husband and I really appreciated was her warm personality, and her ability to make us feel completely at ease. Not only did she make an effort to get to know us on a personal level, she made sure that all of our specific preferences for our wills and estate planning needs were seamless. Creating a will can be a daunting experience to say the least, but Pam made sure to make it as fun & comfortable as possible!
    • Bonus points: All of her work is completely virtual, so it’s easy to complete around your busy schedule. Plus, she ensures all of the necessary documents are couriered over to your home in a timely manner. She has a unique & comprehensive “Kids Protection Plan” for parents, making it easy to ensure your children are safeguarded – which was the most important aspect for me and my husband! To learn more about Pam, or to connect with her, visit here.
Fitness – Fit4Mom Denver
  • Why I’m in Love: Jill, the owner of Fit4mom Denver and her team of fitness instructors, has fitness classes for every stage of motherhood including pregnancy through postpartum and beyond all over the Denver Metro area. I tried my first fit4mom Stroller Strides class when I was 6 weeks postpartum and feel in love immediately. Between the challenging workout, the fact I could bring my baby, was working out outside and connecting with the community of welcoming moms; I was SOLD! Besides Stroller Strides (cardio & strength based), Fit4Mom also offers Strides 360 (cardio), Stroller Barre (barre), Body Ignite (strength), they also offer kid free specialty classes such as Body Boost (high intensity interval training), Run Club and Body Well (read below).
    • Bonus Points: For a mom new to town, new to the mom community or just needing to expand her network, this is it. This group of moms also does frequent meet ups outside of class like “Mom’s Night Out”, giving moms opportunities to truly connect. Also, check out Body Well if you need more nutritional guidance, meal planning help or just more hands on support outside of a fitness class. To learn more or sign up for your first class, go here.
    • Promo Code: Fit4Mom offers a 15% discount to Mommy Index mama’s, use the code “MOM21” when purchasing your membership.
Mental Health for Dad – Man Kind Counseling
  • Why I’m in Love: Chas, the owner of Man Kind Counseling, is a resource that is few and far between now a days – a mental health tool for men. Chas makes it easy for dads to access tools that assist in feelings of anxiety, depression, anger, feeling overwhelmed and day to day stressors. The tools offered by Man Kind Counseling are straightforward to learn and remember in the moment when difficult feelings arise. Chas helps his clients to learn and identify challenging emotions through exploration of deep rooted beliefs and experiences, as well as teaching men how to communicate and have compassion for themselves all at once. Chas’ approach enables clients to gain trust quickly through his professional, authentic and calming demeanor.
    • Bonus Points: In our sample session together, Chas taught me how to effortlessly turn an overloaded moment into a more peaceful one by tapping into my senses and coming back to the moment. Using uncomplicated prompts such as the environment around me through sight, scent, sound, touch and taste – reminded me of something I would teach my own child, making it more relatable than ever. I especially loved his “I Spy” exercise! To learn more about Chas or to make contact, connect here.
Naturopathic Medicine – Foundations Family Medicine
  • Why I’m in Love: Dr. Miller does it all – Naturopathy for overall health, pediatrics, women’s health (fertility/preconception, prenatal/postpartum & hormones), craniosacral therapy, visceral manipulation, kinesiology taping and even she creates herbal blends! She is your one stop shop for preventative and comprehensive health. Her main focus, Naturopathic medicine is an evidenced-based approach that focuses on treating the root cause of a condition as opposed to the symptoms. Treatments include homeopathy, nutrition, curated herbal blends, physical medicine and counseling; combining both Traditional & Alternative Medicine.
    • Bonus Points: Dr. Miller’s demeanor is professional, calming and focused – she delivers information in a way that is digestible. Cozy office, check. electronic follow up notes, check. Practical advice I could actually use, check. Takes the time to get to know patients and their needs, check. Originally scheduled for a 30 minute appointment, Dr. Miller took the time to thoroughly understand my health history, current health status and goals that ended up taking an hour. To learn more about Dr. Miller or to connect with her, visit here.
Physical Therapy for Mom – Integrated Physical Therapy of Colorado
  • Why I’m in love: I have not worked Lori the owner, but rather with Becca, one of the 3 PT’s at this clinic. I started working with Becca when I was about 5 months pregnant and continued into my postpartum and even now for maintenence work. Besides taking care of my low back, hip and ankle pain while pregnant, Becca blew my mind with some pelvic floor education & assessments. Most pregnant women are told to do Kegels during pregnancy, but it turns out this is not the case – in fact, some women (like me) need to learn how to expand and open; Becca helped me master this in preparation for labor and birth. In addition, Becca was a significant bridge in my postpartum healing journey from my C-Section with cupping and manual therapy. The dry needling currently done on my neck also helps to manage my chronic upper body pain.
    • Bonus points: While the idea of “pelvic floor” therapy (amongst other mama things) may not seem appealing, Becca’s scholarly yet easy going demeanor makes it fun and comfortable. Becca understands what it takes to work with women in a highly vulnerable setting – professionally and personally. I always leave feeling empowered, relaxed and educated. To learn more or connect with Becca, check her out here.
Postpartum Care – Labor of Love Co.
  • Why I’m in love: Katie, the owner of Labor of Love Co., truly makes all of her birth & postpartum packages with love! She curates her sets with artisan and locally crafted supplies from businesses she has relationships with. The products she hand picks are organic, natural and local to Colorado. Being a mama herself, she knows what a pregnant or postpartum mama needs when going through these particular experiences.
    • Bonus Points: Labor of Love has pregnancy packages based on trimesters (tailoring each kit to symptoms experienced during each trimester), a birth box (to bring pack in your birth bag), a vaginal postpartum kit, a cesarean postpartum kit, a breastfeeding kit and even a pregnancy and infant loss kit. Katie has truly thought of everything! I especially love that there is a subscription package available to those who know they want support throughout every phase from first trimester through postpartum. My personal favorite items were the reusable nipple pads and the soothing peri spray. To learn more about Labor of Love or to order your first box, go here. Promo Code: Labor of Love offers a 15% discount to Mommy Index mama’s, use the code “INDEX15” when purchasing your kit.
Pregnancy Support Group – Mamistad
  • Why I’m in love: Cynthia created Mamistad 15 years ago with the intention of bringing first time mamas (pregnant and postpartum) to create a community of support and love. I joined Mamistad when I was in my second trimester and had no idea the sort of impact it was going to have on my life. Mamistad was very helpful and supportive while pregnant, but it really came in handy postpartum and on. Mamistad is less about finding a group to “connect” with, and more about being connected to a group who understands everything you are going through at the same time you are going through it. Cynthia connects moms based on location and whether they are stay at home or working mamas.
    • Bonus Points: Cynthia meets one on one with each mama who joins and truly sees each and everyone as a “little sister”. She is there if you need someone to talk to or have questions about your group. She also takes into account if you are looking for something specific like “natural-minded”, “Latina mamas” or “mamas of color”. If you want to contact Cynthia or learn more, go here.
Yoga – YogaSix Littleton
  • Why I’m in Love: Dino and Julie, the owners of YogaSix Littleton have created a welcoming and kind space for anyone to do yoga. They offer an array of heated classes including Y6 101, Y6 Restore, Y6 Sculpt, Y6 Power, Y6 Slow Flow and Y6 Hot (similar to a traditional heated class). What you will find at YogaSix but won’t find at other franchise studios is the community feel. The first thing I noticed when I took my preliminary class what how friendly (not pushy) the front desk staff were – they genuinely wanted to get to know me and help me have a positive experience. The next thing I noticed was how outgoing the students on either side of me were; this is not something you typically see at a “corporate” studio but rather at a small studio. Finally, I noticed that everyone was various ages, shapes, sizes and skill levels. I immediately felt at home.
    • Bonus Points: Although this studio doesn’t have prenatal or postpartum classes yet, it has been integral in my postpartum journey. I finally feel back in my yoga body (physically, emotionally and spiritually); I am now able to take a full vinyasa push up and a back bend! The teachers have the right amount of motivational yet calming energy. I feel pushed and supported. I cannot recommend any of these classes enough for someone in their postpartum period. For someone who is pregnant, they do offer lower heated classes that are more adaptable for pregnancy such as the Y6 101 and Y6 Restore since they are at 85 degrees (other classes are closer to 95 degrees). To learn more about YogaSix Littleton, or schedule your first class, go here.   

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