Interview with Dino Cocea, from YogaSix Littleton

June 17, 2021 by Jane Chevalier

Tell me about your business.

We are a vinyasa-based yoga and fitness studio where we connect students with breath and movement. Our six core classes fulfill every need, whether someone is looking for a relaxing stretch or a challenging workout that leaves them in a puddle of sweat. Whether you’re a first time guest or a seasoned yogi, our goal is to have everyone leave every class feeling better than when they walked in. At YogaSix we don’t take ourselves too seriously and no matter what your fitness level or yoga experience is we welcome you into our community.

How long have you been in this field and what’s your background?

My wife and I are new to yoga and to owning a small business. My wife is a physician and practiced as an Oncologist at Cedar Sinai in Los Angeles for over 20 years. I have a background in corporate finance and worked in media companies for most of my career. My wife was born and grew up in Colorado and we decided to move here in a few years ago to be near family and to have a chance to spend more time with our kids. We also wanted to have a better work-life balance and spend more time in the outdoors.

What inspired you to create this business, and what makes you different from other ones in your field?

Both my wife and I were athletes in our younger days and understand the benefits of exercising on a regular basis. We wanted to play a small part of offering this opportunity to others as part of a small boutique studio. We chose yoga because it offers a low impact form of exercise that can be practiced by students of almost any age. We were attracted to the smaller size fitness studio because it can offer a more personal experience to our students than the larger fitness gyms can deliver.

How does your business help new parents?

We are helping new parents by giving them an opportunity to have a break from their busy schedule and to exercise both their body and mind. We hope to connect our members with like minded individuals and hopefully contribute to relief some our daily stress.

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