Interview with Katie Rennon, from Labor of Love

May 25, 2021

By Jane Chevalier

Tell me about your business.

The Labor of Love Co. is focused on maternal wellness! As a Certified Childbirth Educator, my goal is to prepare parents with all the information they need to make informed birthing decisions in partnership with their care providers. From pregnancy nutrition & fitness, to labor & delivery, to the postpartum period, our classes cover everything parents need to know so they can be confident and equipped with knowledge. As well, The Labor of Love Co. offers pregnancy and postpartum Care Packages to ensure mama is getting the care she needs. Filled with natural & organic goodies, these trimester-specific packages are sure to nourish & pamper mama during this precious season!

How long have you been in this field and what’s your background?

Prior to The Labor of Love Co., I worked in finance & investments–worlds away from being a birthworker! I continued to work in finance after the births of my children, but always had an entrepreneurial spirit. The Labor of Love Co. was born in 2017 after having worked closely with ecommerce and learning about this wild west of business, and I received my instructor certification in 2018!

What inspired you to create this business, and what makes you different from other ones in your field?

Growing up with a mother who is a naturopathic doctor, I was taught so often about the incredible functions of the human body and have always trusted in its abilities and resilience. I birthed both of my children at a freestanding birth center here in Denver, and we took birth education courses for both births. Through these classes I became enamored with pregnancy and childbirth, and knew it was something I was destined to have a hand in. I first created the retail side of the business, but received my certification from Birth Boot Camp in my desire to be more deeply involved with birth. The birth world is composed of so many incredible individuals. I’d say my company is unique because of the wide variety of products and services offered. My vision is that friends and family members are able to gift either Care Packages or classes to their loved ones in an effort to give Mama something that will set her off on the right foot.

How does your business help new parents?

While we all love baby clothes and toys, after a while too much can be unnecessary and overwhelming. A Care Package from The Labor of Love Co. is a special way to ensure Mama is practicing self care; she’s important too! A happy, healthy mama makes for a healthy, happy baby. Classes from The Labor of Love Co. help parents gain the confidence they need to make informed birthing decisions in partnership with their care providers. This confidence carries all throughout their child’s life!

To learn more about Labor of Love, or to purchase a postpartum care package, visit here.

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