Interview with Jessie Miller, from Foundations Family Medicine

Tell me about your business. 

Foundations Family Medicine is a family Naturopathic clinic that focuses on preventative medicine, acute and chronic care. Naturopathic doctors focus on getting to the root cause of disease by using both conventional and functional labs, physical exam, and a detailed health history. We use many diverse therapies with an emphasis on lifestyle factors such as nutrition, stress management, movement, as well as herbs (I love to use herbal medicine) and individualized supplements as needed. FFM is a small, relaxed clinic that is open to all walks of life, but has a focus on kiddos and their parents, especially people in their perinatal times. I work adjectively with other healthcare providers as I truly believe a team approach is what healthcare is missing today.

How long have you been in this field and what’s your background?

I spent 4 years getting my undergraduate at CU Boulder in Integrative Physiology, then went on to Seattle for 5 years to get my doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine. While working and schooling, I had job helping in PT clinics, shadowing doctors in low income and diverse communities, as well as focused educations in women’s health, pediatrics and digestive health. I decided to move back to sunny Colorado and open my on clinic, where I am loving helping patients for the past 3 years and counting!

What inspired you to create this business, and what makes you different from other ones in your field?

I saw the need in the healthcare system for doctors that are able to spend more time with their patients (90min first visit) and really focus on the individual instead of just the protocol out of the book. I really believe in the bodies innate ability to heal if given the right environment, and that we can support our health using lifestyle/nutrition as well as therapies that have been on this earth for thousands of years. I use a research-based approach and like to say that I bridge the gap between alternative and conventional medicine. As an ND I can order labs, imaging, refer, and diagnose so that we can get a clear holistic picture of what is going on.

How does your business help new parents?

There is a LOT going on as a new parent and I love to support families in this time. Whether its optimizing conception, supporting the pregnancy with safe and natural therapies, education around what to expect and postpartum preparation (this is very important!), or being there to answer postpartum questions related to both mom and babies health and well being, I can help with it all! Our current society just doesn’t support the perinatal time like it should, so I can fill in the gaps, answer all your questions about what herbs are safe to use, if this is normal or if it needs to be checked out, and just stop the googling of everything! I also love to do functional testing of nutrients to see how to individualize your supplements and nutrition in all stages of parenthood.

To learn more about Jessie or to connect, contact her here.

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