Tip Tuesday: Moving Baby Out of Your Room and Into Their Own Crib Once & For All

March 24, 2021 By Jane Chevalier

Moving past the fear of moving baby out of your room and into their crib to sleep can be difficult.

Following these steps might help: 

  • Establish a “Safe Anchor” like a song or poem you can sing, hum, speak or play as a non-physical comfort tool.
  • As tempting as it is to let baby take their naps in your arms, start putting them in their cribs for naps here and there during the day, slowly building up to them taking all of their naps in their crib. 
  • Spend more time with them in their room such as reading, playing or diaper changes so they understand that their room is a safe space & becomes familiar. Use the Safe Anchor frequently when in their room. 
  • Once you’re ready, move their bassinet (or whatever they sleep on in your room) next to the crib and have them sleep in it in their room for a few days and see how it goes. Make sure to use the Safe Anchor as part of bedtime routine. 
  • Take the plunge and have them sleep in their crib! Continue using Safe Anchor within bedtime routine. 
  • Use your video monitor to check on them but trust that they are capable of sleeping on their own! 
  • Be patient with yourself and with your baby. This stuff is hard! 

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