Interview with Liz Foster, from Love in Motion Doula Services

March 15, 2021 by Jane Chevalier

Tell me about your business, Love in Motion.

Love In Motion is devoted to pregnancy, birth and postpartum services. I am a birth and postpartum doula, as well as a birth coach (like life coaching for pregnancy, birth and postpartum).

How long have you been in this field and what’s your background?

I have been a birth doula for 4 years and it is the most fulfilling job I have ever had. It is my passion and although I may be biased, I truly think it is the best job in the world. I have been in the oil and gas industry and the music industry in the past, but nothing compares to being a contributor to the birth industry.

What inspired you to create this business, and what makes you different from other ones in your field?

I created Love In Motion to create positive experiences in pregnancy, birth and postpartum. My first birth experience was tumultuous and disempowering. After my second birth, I realized what birth could and should feel like.

Pregnancy and motherhood puts you on the threshold of a great rite of passage. To progress from “here” to “there” without getting lost, you need a guide and a map.

I use tips and tricks from my experience as a doula and life coach to walk clients through the experience from maiden to mother without completely losing yourself. I encourage, inform and empower mothers to find the answers and tools they have had all along.

How does your business help new parents?

The presence of a doula during pregnancy, birth and postpartum has an infinite amount of benefits. In my business, my highest desire is to make positive experiences an outstanding norm for all.

The keys to a joyful birthing and postpartum experience are safety, security, preparation, support, and a calm mindset, all planned in advance during pregnancy, to be by your side for anything that should arise. My aim is to activate these pillars of power in you and to embrace what is out of your control; the unpredictability that comes with having a baby.

Want to learn more about or connect with Liz? Contact her here.

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